KIBOW 1/4 Quick Connect Kit for Propane/Natural Gas Systems-Safety Shutoff Valve & Full Flow Male Plug

This Kibow 1/4″ quick connect kit provides you a convenient connect & disconnect method for your propane/natural gas system.

Item: Propane Quick-Connect Kit with Shut-off ball valve
Material: Solid brass
Connection: 1/4″ Female NPT x Female Quick Connect Valve
Male plug: 1/4″ Male NPT x Male Quick Connect Full Flow Plug
For use with low-pressure propane system

Product Features

  • Shutoff Valve: 1/4″ Female NPT x Female Quick Connect.
  • Male Full Flow Plug: 1/4″ Male NPT x Male Quick Connect.
  • Used for low-pressure propane/natural gas systems with safety shut off valve.
  • Add a convenient connect/disconnect method.
  • Easy to install, 100% solid brass construction.