High Power Natural Gas Stove with Wind Guard and Quick Disconnect

The stove is of cast iron with two burner rings (four flame rings). The power of the stove is between ~5kBTU/Hr and ~23kBTU/Hr. The stove is made for natural gas usage. It cannot be used with propane gas. The stove is housed in a wind guard. The stove comes with a 5 inch hose; and the hose end is equipped with a 3/8 inch quick disconnect. A natural gas quick connect comes with a pair of a plug and a socket. The plug is installed onto the hose while the socket will need to be installed to the natural gas pipe. Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly. The electronic ignition function is not reliable and its ability to ignite can vary from unit to unit and under different weather conditions. We advise to always have a manual BBQ long nose igniter handy when the electronic ignition function is not working. Please be aware that this product from us may not have a functioning electronic ignition. For more product variety and detail, please visit www dot outdoorstirfry dot com.

We could only ship within USA. For order from Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, we will contact you for additional postage. If customer from Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico is not willing to pay extra shipping postage, please do not place order.

Product Features

  • Work with Natural Gas
  • Wind Guard for Wind Protection, Spider Guard
  • Short Legs for Table Top Cooking
  • Quick Disconnect for Easy Setup and Removal
  • Restaurant Stir Fry Food Flavor and Quality in Your Own Backyard