Intelitopia Meat Thermometer for Grilling,Smart Wireless Bluetooth Digital Cooking Grill Meat Thermometer Instant Read with Six Upgraded Stainless Steel Probes for Grilling, Smoker, BBQ and Oven


♦ Temperature reading accuracy of the probe: ±1%

♦ Temperature range of the probe:  0~300 ℃ / 32 ~ 572℉

♦ Bluetooth range: 145 feet (indoor), 195 feet (outdoor)

♦ Alternative temperature unit: Fahrenheit & Celsius

♦ Power information: 2 AA batteries (not included in the package)

♦ Temperature reading display: LCD screen

♦ Support Phone: iPhone 4s & later models;  Android 4.3 & later models

♦ Alarm: on-device alarm & in-App alarm.       

♦ Weight of the product and the probes: 460 grams

♦ Dimension (L x W x H): 100 x 85 x 40 mm



♦ Remove the probe wrap before use

♦ keep the probe, probe wrap and wire away from fire

♦ keep the plug leads or connectors dry in case of short circuit.

♦ Place the product and the accessories under the condition of  

♦ Do not immerse the wrap in the water

♦ You can set the ideal temperature of the food manually


Package included:

♦ 1 x cooking thermometer

♦ 6 x probes

♦ 6 x probe wraps

♦ 1 x probe claw

♦ 1 x user manual 

Product Features

  • 【SMART WIRELESS MEAT THERMOMETER】The product can be connected with the App, tempmeter, which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play for free. There is no need for the user to monitor the food all the time or worry about the food gets burned, because user can read the temperature of the food from phone App within 60 meters (outdoor) or 50 meters (indoor).
  • 【SIX ACCURATE AND COLOR-CODED PROBES】The thermometer is equipped with six color coded stainless steel probes, so the user can monitor the temperature of six kinds of food at the same time without worrying about getting confused. The readings of the temperature is nearly correct, because the accuracy can reach 99%. The temperature range is 32-572 ℉, so the user doesn’t need to worry about the probe gets burned.
  • 【PRESET TEMPERATURE AND REAL-TIME NOTIFICATION】The thermometer can be connected with the App, tempmeter via the bluetooth, so the user can set the ideal temperature of each food in advance on the App and then the alarm will notify the user that food is ready on time and the user needs to get the food out, which means the user can do other things when the food is being cooked in the oven or the grilling.
  • 【WIDE AND CLEAR LCD DISPLAY】 The thermometer’s screen is made from LCD, which takes up two thirds of the thermometer, thus the user can read the temperature and numbers clearly on the thermometer without standing extremely close to the oven or the smoker. It is unnecessary for the user to worry about getting burned or smoked and the user can read the temperatures of at night.
  • 【LIFELIONG AFTER-SALE IS POSSIBLE】 The standard warranty time is one year, while the buyer can contact the seller to deal with any problem anytime once the buyer tells the seller the order number, the seller will try the best to deal with any problem, because Intelitopia aims to satisfy the buyer’s utmost needs for a preferable life. The buyer can always solve any problem.