Electric Indoor Grill,Electric Griddles, Heating Smokeless Table Grill, 12″×16″Non-stick Grilling Surface with removable plates,Easy to Clean BBQ Grill, for Party/Home, Ideal For Meat, Fish, Vegetables & Low-Fat Meals ETL Certified(120V 60Hz 1500W TOCHO HY-6501)


1. TCH-18001 thermostat adopts scale-freeknob design, the highest temperature is 400. Please buy carefully!

2. TCH-18001 heating disk is relativelyheavy because of its built-in washable structure. Please pay attention to bothhands when cleaning, so as to avoid slippage and damage.

3. The actual size of TCH-18001 has beenfaithfully marked. Please confirm and place the order again, so as not to causetrouble due to too large/too small.

4. TCH-18001 dripping tray design has triedto avoid the generation of lampblack, but under the continuous high temperaturebarbecue, the generation of smoke can not be completely avoided.

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Bring outdoor cooking into the comfort of your own kitchen ,

without worrying about weather conditions, propane tanks or charcoal messes.

Enjoy perfectly grilled meats, seafood and vegetables any time of year with the TOCHO electric Indoor Grill.

Noneed to fire up the outdoor BBQ to cook a couple of steaks.

Nor wait until weather improvements to enjoy a juicy burger.

The adjustable temperature control lets you maintain the cooking cycle without worrying about overcooking from high heat.

The transparent glass lid lets you watch your food as it cooks ,

and the large, non-stick, cooking surface allows enough space to grill multipleitems at once.

It also comes with an extra-large drip tray to catch excessjuice or grease.



Product Features

  • Extra large size grill pan and easy to Clean:12″×16″Non-stick Grilling coating , you can save time by preparing a big meal at a time. fully water immersible cleaning with control probe removed.
  • Embedded heating element: The M-shaped heating element that allows it to heat up faster and more evenly,provides faster heat up and a longer element life.
  • Anti-ironing safety protection: Splash proof tempered glass cover ,the cool-touch base and Cool-touch handles will prevent any nasty burns!
  • Low-fat cooking: Fat will drip away from your food, The unique lattice design allows the grease to drip into the extra-large drip tray.
  • Visual operation: Adjustable thermostat controller is the highest to 400 ° F, through toughened glass cover, can easily see, shorten the time of the smoke-free barbecue.