BBQ/Cooking Anti-Scalding Gloves, Premium Non-Slip Insulated Fireproof Kitchen Mitts, 1472°F Extreme Heat Resistant for Cooking, Grilling, Fireplace, Oven, Indoor/Outdoor Accessories for Men & Women

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Between removing hot pans of cookies from the oven and flipping steaks on the grill, your hands are exposed to a lot of extreme temperatures.
Regular potholders don’t always do the trick, and trying to rearrange logs with fireplace tools is a cumbersome and dangerous task.

Our glove utilizes a true revolution in heat protection for the stove top, oven, outdoor grill and even a fire pit.
It is crafted with aramid fabric, which is a high-performance synthetic material that is known for its capability to endure high heat, even with numerous uses.

Whether you’re flipping burgers on the grill, kindling wood in a large bonfire, or removing super hot pans from the oven, you’ll be fully safeguarded up to 1472°F(800°C)!
These mittens can also help you with opening jars or anything else that requires a bit of grip because we designed our glove with raised silicone grips.

In contrast to the silicone gloves sold on the market, our exceptional cooking glove is incredibly simple to put on and remove. The fit is incomparable, and no matter if you’re right or left handed, our glove will suit just about anyone.
You will also be amazed at having full dexterity in your hand motions, all the while staying safe and protected. Please do not waste your time and money on low quality gloves that just do not offer the protection you deserve.

Product Specifications:
Outer material: Cotton + Aramid fiber + Silicone
Heat Resistance: up to 1472°F/800°C
Size(L x W): 13 x 6.5 inch
Maximum Entrance Width: 7.5 inch

Package including: 1Pair BBQ Gloves.

Product Features

  • New High Quality Material — Heat resistant oven gloves consists of 3 layers of different materials and functions. First layer non-toxic silicone for skid resistance, reducing accidental risks. Second layer ultra-high strength deyan aramid fiber, which is a high-performance and heat-resisting dual-model synthetic material for high heat, cut, acid and alkali resistance. Third layer polyester cotton, comfortable. Barbecue gloves long-term temperature tolerance is 1472°F(800°C).
  • Full Size Fits All — Extension design, 13-inch long kitchen gloves and 5-inch long sleeves protect arms and wrists. Not only hands, it also can protect your wrists and forearms from high temperature. The maximum width of flexible sleeves is 7.8-inch, fitting everyone’s big or small hands. Each heat insulation glove can be used by any hand, so right hand and left hand are free from distinguishing. The comfortable cotton liner adopted inside can prevent hands from jam and be easy to take off.
  • Comfortable, Flexible and Easy to Store — Cooking gloves feature good breathing and heat dissipation performances, and barbecue gloves can make you feel good rather than perspiration in summer or under high temperature conditions. Five-finger design makes your hands more flexible in operation. The convenient hook around each glove’s cuff is prone to storage, in order to save space and prevent bacterial growth.
  • Compelling Multi-function — Cooking gloves are very suitable for barbecue, baking, cooking, fryer, grill, smoking, welding, bonfire, fireplace and so forth. Gloves can withstand the temperature of 1472°F(800°C) at most, so no matter moving timbers in bonfire, flipping meat on the grill or taking out a boiling hot pot from the oven, you will gain a comprehensive protection, making you handle all of hot cookwares easily.
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