ARKSEN 2500W 6-Liter Electric Countertop Deep Fryer Adjustable Temp.

Our premier 6 liter 2500 watt electric deep fryer is perfect for home or restaurant use. The big 6 liter oil capacity allows you to fry large quantity of food items at a fraction of the time. The built in temperature lights indicates when the oil is up to temperature and ready for cooking. The large temperature dial is easy to read and use, simply rotate the dial to the appropriate temperature and wait until the “heat” light turns off. this fryer is great for cooking french fries, onion rings, calimari, mozzarella stick and any other deep fried food items you may enjoy. 

Heavy duty stainless steel construction is perfect for at home or commercial use
Temperature indicator light displays when the fryer is heating the oil or when it is up to temperature
Fryer lid cover prevents hot oil splashes and safely covers the oil when not in use
Frying basket features rubber handles to prevent scalding of your hands
Fryer can be completely disassembled for complete, thorough cleaning
French fry scoop helps with serving and packing french fry holding cups easy and hassle free
Heating coil heat plate evenly distributes heat throughout the oil tank and prevents scorching or hot spots

Voltage: 110v
Temperature Label: Celsius
Temperature Range: 60°C -200°C Celsius (140°F – 392°F Fahrenheit)
Overall Dimensions: 17-1/2″ x 11-1/4″ x 12″
6 Liter Tank Dimensions: 13 x 8-1/2″ x 6″
Frying Basket Dimensions: 9″ x 7-1/2″ x 4-1/2″
Frying Basket Handle Length: 9-1/2″
Power Cord Length: 5 Feet
UL Listed

Package Include:
6 Liter 2500 Watt Commercial Grade Deep Fryer
Heating Element With Built-In Temperature Sensor
Heating Coil Heat Plate
6 Liter Oil Tank
Oil Tank Lid
Frying Basket With Rubber Handle
French Fry Scoop (BONUS!)
5 x Cleaning Pads (BONUS!)

Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction Is Perfect For At Home Or Commercial Use
  • Temperature Indicator Light Displays When the Fryer Is Heating The Oil
  • Fryer Can Be Completely Disassembled For Complete, Thorough Cleaning.
  • Heating Element With Built-In Temperature Sensor
  • Overall Dimensions: 17-1/2″ x 11-1/4″ x 12″