12″ EZ Smoker Tubes Hexagonal Pellet Smoker Tube- Must have grilling accessory. Included with purchase are our popular E-books: 101 EZ Jerky Recipes, Low Carb and Diabetic Friendly Grilling Recipes

The 101 EZ Jerky Recipes & Low Carb and Diabetic Friendly Grilling Recipes are worth the price of the EZ Smoker Tube alone and you will receive them for free with your purchase!

EZ Smoker Tubes is a husband and wife owned small business based out of the Midwest. We believe in treating people how we would want to be treated. If you are unhappy with your EZ Smoker Tube please let us know and we will make it right, period!

It is very important to us for our business to support charitable causes. A portion of EZ Smoker Tubes profits goes to the National Humane Society. With your purchase, you are helping to save a grilling buddy.

Product Features

  • 🥩THE EZ SMOKER TUBE IS IDEAL FOR SMOKING BEEF, POULTRY, WILD GAME, VEGGIES, YOU NAME IT- The Hexagonal Shape offers unmatched performance, stays lit the best and holds more pellets than any other design. The 12″ EZ Smoker tube delivers 4-5 hours of smoke.
  • 🧀THE EZ SMOKER TUBE IS GREAT FOR COLD SMOKING YOUR FAVORITE CHEESES, FISH, SPICES, NUTS- You have not had a grilled cheese sandwich until you have had it with smoked cheese you made on YOUR grill! Smoked cheese will turn a boring lunch meat sandwich into something you’ll look forward to. Add smoke flavor to your favorite spices too. Guests are sure to be impressed when you bring out the cold smoked salt and pepper.
  • ✅UNIQUE MUST HAVE GRILLING ACCESSORY FOR EVERY GRILL OWNER- Use the EZ Smoker tube with your favorite wood pellets to make amazing food on any grill. Friends and family will notice the difference in YOUR food made using the EZ Smoker. Don’t be surprised if they start asking what’s your secret.
  • 🎁EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA- If the person you are buying for owns a grill then look no further. The best gifts don’t have to be expensive, thoughtfulness makes for a favorite gift. You will not disappoint by giving the EZ Smoker!
  • 💯30 DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- We stand behind the EZ Smoker Tube and know it will be your go to grilling accessory. 100% Stainless Steel construction is made to last and is VERY EZ to clean after using. No special storage required. Leave it in your grill after each use (then you’ll always know where it is when it’s time to grill).