Natural Digital Gas Detector, Home Gas Alarm , Gas Leak Detector, High Sensitivity LNG Coal Natural Gas Leak Detection , Alarm Monitor Sensor for Home / Kitchen

Product description


Adopting high-quality semiconductor calefaction type sensor. 

MCU intelligent supervise control and SMT chip technology. 

Visual and audible alarm function. 

LED numeric display technology, display instant gas leak thickness. 

Three indicators: POWER, STATE, ALARM


Detecting gas: LPG, natural gas, and coal gas

Power frequency: 50/60Hz

Power supply: AC100V~AC240V

Rated load:

Product Features

  • 【DETECTING GAS】 Home gas detector suitable for methane, natural gas, biogas, gas fuel, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas etc…Gas leak detector suitable for combustible gases, mists and residues, natural gas detector for the detection of flammable gases, such as gas pipelines, fuel leaks, inspection of leaks at the access.
  • 【FEATURE】Adopting high-quality semiconductor calefaction type sensor. Visual and audible alarm function.When the the gas alarm detect flammable gas leak, the digital display LED display concentration changing, at the same time alarm of 85 db or more issue,making sure alarm can be hear by everyone at home.
  • 【Easy to Install】It is convenient for mounting,can be used by plugging directly into the power socket to detect leaked gas.The product is suitablr for the safety of residential house ,villas, hotels, markets, boarding, house etc.
  • 【ALARM THICKNESS】Natural gas: 0.1~ 0.3%; coal gas 0.1~ 0.5%;Please comfirm the induced gas is heavier than air,or lighter than air.Choosing the suitable position to install the Detector according to the specific gravity.Note. Avoid installing the detector close to the following sources of interference: direct air flow from vents, fans, doors, windows, sources of steam, oil vapor, etc
  • 【TEST】The user must brush and clean the gas convection holes with a litttle cleanser every three months,and must retest the Detector after cleaning for preventing the cleanser into the Detector. Test:to test the installed detector while independently or in network,you can give some gas around in distanse of 5 cm to the gas convection holes by using un-ignition lighter.Testing frequently may result in reducing the sensiticity of the Detector.