Magna-Grill by Yukon Glory Magnetic Stainless Steel Beer and Cup Holder for Grills and Tailgating – Holds up to Two 16oz containers – the ultimate TAILGATING & GRILLING ACCESSORY you will own


The Magnetic Cup and Beer Holder is an innovated product by Yukon Glory designed to attach onto a grill, vehicle or any item with a magnetic surface, it works on a simple concept of simply attaching the beer and cup holders magnetic back to the desired item and then inserting a beer or cup in it, it’s a highly convenient and useful product that will enhance your grilling and BBQ experience.
THE IDEAL TAILGATING & GRILLING ACCESSORY – Rather than looking for a spot to place a beer or beverage the magnetic beer & cup holder provides an ideal solution of simply placing the beverage in the beer & cup holder which conveniently attaches to your grill or vehicle, just another way Yukon Glory provides you with the best grilling & BBQ tools so that you can focus on enjoying your outdoor grilling experience.  
PLACE YOUR BEVERAGE IN THE BEER & CUP HOLDER – The Magnetic Beer & Cup holder is designed to hold two beverages of up-to 16 oz, it’s the ideal BBQ / Grilling Accessory to hold your ice cold beer, soda or any beverage of your choice.

Product Features

  • ✔️DURABLE WATERPROOF CUP & BEER HOLDER – The Magnetic Cup Holder by MagnaGrill is constructed with durable, weatherproof stainless steel and is equipped with a powerful magnetic fastener, able to attach to any magnetic surface.
  • ✔️CONVENIENT GRILL & BBQ ACCESSORY – Rather than looking for a spot to let go of your beer or cup simply let drop it the Magnetic beer and Cup Holder that can be attached to your grill, back of vehicle or any metal surface.
  • ✔️HOLDS BEER, CUPS AND SIMILAR BEVERAGES – The double cup pockets can hold up to two 16oz containers of your preferred beverage to enjoy and enhance your grilling experience.
  • ✔️NON SCRATCH FILE & BEER OPENER – The Magnetic Cup and Beer holder has a non-scratch file attached to the back of the item designed to prevent any scratches to your grill or vehicle in addition it has a beer opener placed at the bottom for extra convenience of having a beer opener handy.
  • ✔️5 YEAR WARRANTY – The Magnetic Beer & Cup Holder come with a 5 year warranty so that you can grill with peace of mind.