Chard FBA12 Aluminum Stock Pot with Strainer Basket, 10.5 Quart

The CHARD 10.5 QT. Aluminum Stock Pot with Strainer Basket is the ideal size for preparing your favorite foods such as fish, wings or fries. Features include heavy duty riveted side handles which provide safe handling and secure movement. The perforated strainer basket features an insulated handle for safety with a built-in drain hook to ensure quick and easy draining. Ideal for frying, steaming, boiling. CHARD Products put you in control with a little help from the right tools. From meat processing, to outdoor cooking, to simple food preparation, we help you Make It Yours.

Product Features

  • 10.5 Quart Capacity Aluminum Pot with Side Handles
  • Perforated Strainer Basket with Insulated Handle and Drain Hook
  • Stock Pot: 5 Inch Height, 12.5 Inch Diameter
  • Strainer Basket: 4.375 Inch Height, 10.75 Inch Diameter
  • Ideal for use with Outdoor Fryers