Bayou Classic 1040 Stainless 10-Gallon Stockpot with Spigot and Vented Lid

Enjoy barrels of fun concocting “brew in a bag” or malt extract home brew with a Bayou Classic 10-gal stainless stockpot. Stainless construction eases sterilization prior to brewing, while side calibrations & drain spigot Complete the task. Also, this stockpot serves one-pot meals at backyard events, Camps, parks, scouting, RV’s & much more. Whatever the occasion, Make every outing a refuge for food, Fun & Fellowship with Bayou Classic. Note: this 10-gal/40-qt stockpot pars well with Bayou Classic patio stove models sq14, 1114; & tall cooker models SP50, SS50; & Dual burner cooker model DB375; & Triple burner cooker model Tb650 model 800-910 False bottom filter screen (13. 5 x 3. 25-In) is available & sold separately.

Product Features

  • ID = 13. 625-in D x 16. 125-in H
  • Stamped Gallon/Quart Calibration
  • 2-pc Weldless Ball Valve
  • Domed, Vented Lid
  • Heat Shield