100% All Natural Charcoal Fire Starters Super Fast Lighting,Perfect for Barbecue Grills, Kamado, Smokers, Wood Stove and Campfire 36 Count in Pack

Ecological Fire starters Inflame for barbeque, stoves, and fireplace. It’s produced from mixed wood wool and paraffin wax. The burning time of one fire starters is from 8 to 10 minutes. It will easily start burning large pieces of wood, coal, brown coal, briquette, Eco-pea, pellets and even wet wood. Our fire starters do not have harmful residues that affect the taste of barbecue food (food should be placed on the grill after the firearm has completely burnt out). Instruction for use : in the place where the lighting will take place (grill/ fireplace /bonfire /cauldron), place the firelighter as possible to the material to be lit (wood /coal /eco pea-coal), and then light up. In case of a grill, the food should be placed on the grill after the firelighter is completely burned out. Date of expiration: none. 

Product Features

  • EXTREMELY EASY TO LIGHT,Great for fireplaces, wood/pellet stoves, BBQ grills, and campfires
  • 100% Natural-Nontoxic odorless and tasteless
  • No flare up and they won’t flavor food
  • Quick firing,Lights 3 times faster than commonly used flat square starters
  • Superior lighting in damp or windy conditions unlike the compressed, flat square starters (which are typically made from pressed newspaper, cardboard or sawdust)